About Elliepie



Hello! First things first my name is Kendall. The name Elliepie Bakes, is inspired by my kitten, Ellie Mae as she is always near by when I’m in the kitchen.

I’m 25, newly engaged, and among many things, I am an aspiring baker!

Although I’ve made countless cakes and breads out of a box, I’ve always wanted to bake from scratch. Just a few weeks ago I began that journey and then I realized I needed a place to document it.

Please enjoy the success and inevitable failures as I master (?) the art of baking. Should be fun. And, though I may live to regret it, feel free to comment. Why not.


4 thoughts on “About Elliepie

  1. Hi Kendall! Thanks for the follow. I’m Yanti from Indonesia 🙂 I’m definitely more of an eater than a baker or chef (I’ve never baked anything alone in my whole life a.k.a forever just a sous chef when my sister/ mom is in the kitchen)
    I’d definitely try your baking if we were neighbors hahaha.
    Anyway, looking forward to seeing you more in the blogsphere! 😀

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    1. Thanks Rhonda! I’m so excited to have found a baker’s community! So fun! I’ll certainly keep the posts coming- have always been passionate about sweets, time to kick it up a notch!


  2. Thank you for following me. Baking from scratch is fun and can be cheaper .Plus everyone will love it when it was made by you. Big difference in taste too .Take care!


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