French Bread Roll followup…

IMG_0989Want to avoid my French Bread roll mistakes? ReIMG_0994ad the recipe! Use “bread” flour… and maybe slightly warmer water when dissolving the yeast. Not to mention, I didn’t add any salt because I thought it would only hurt the yeast- only to learn later that it actually would have helped it to a degree.

Also, maybe let the dough rise, oh, three times as long as it says instead of double. Finally, make sure the rolls are on the MIDDLE rack in the oven! Otherwise, you’ll have a nice brown color on the bottom, and a nice pale white-ish look on top (they were on the second from the bottom rack…).


In other words, I didn’t do so well. These came out more like English Muffins. I think using all purpose flour is a big reason why. They were definitely in the oven too long- so whatever softness there may have been was robbed by a crunchy bottom.

IMG_1005IMG_1004Disappointing. Before I baked them, I felt I had made some serious progress with yeast dough, and in a sense, I’m sure I did. The final product however, didn’t accurately reflect that progress. They weren’t light and fluffy but dense and sort of crumbly. I can say that this dough felt much better to work with/cut etc. compared to the Cinnamon roll dough. I’ll get the hang of this someday!

For what it’s worth, I ended up ripping most of the rolls up and used them with the homemade Spinach Artichoke Dip we made for the Football game- the rest will go to the ducks in the backyard….

I purchased some rapid rise yeast for my next baking adventure… wonder what I’ll make next…

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