One last rise..

last rolllast rollsLeft the last batch of cinnamon rolls out overnight, in the same room as the wood stove but across the way a bit. I’d say these rose the best out of all 4 attempts. So I think at least as far as ‘overnight’ baking goes, I’d prefer to leave the dough out all night- covered (with a little crisco on top just in case)- so they’re ready to go in the morning. Rather than take them out of the fridge and hope I have enough time to get the results I want.

This batch was significantly fluffier- I still haven’t figured out exactly how long to bake them. Average time has been around 18 minutes at 350 degrees.  I bet these could have stood a few minutes less and been a little better.  Either way, I feel as though I have made several breakthroughs in the way I will approach baking with yeast here on out.

More than anything I wanted these to be edible and they were certainly worth eating.

Next time, I’ll need to make sure I have enough of the cinnamon sugar butter blend in the center as I feel it dried out during the actual baking process. The recipe said to spread the rolled dough with butter and then sprinkle the cinnamon sugar over it- but I wonder if I had just made the butter/sugar/cinnamon blend and spread that out over the dough, if I could have had it more saturated and therefore less likely to dry out…

Can’t wait to decide what I’ll bake next! Thanks for those who shared their feedback on the yeast discussion. Such an unexpected amount of consideration to take throughout this process! Worth it though. Learning how to bake is by far my favorite thing right now.

So is it Proofing or Proving? I swear I’ve seen both in different places… 😉

eat the bun

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