Once upon a Cupcake

Halloween Theme Chocolate CupcakesThe ‘baking bug’ really first hit me back in October. It just took me a few months to realize I was really developing a passion for this, enough of one to motivate this blog 🙂

These Devils Food Cupcakes with Fudge frosting were out of the box…But I’m still proud of them because it was genuinely difficult to make sure the batter was even. There are special scoops for that stuff right? I used the ladle that always makes the best pancakes…

I would have preferred to add some kind of fluffy design to the frosting itself but I have yet to purchase the proper bags/pieces. To compensate I threw black and white sugar, as well as some purple, black and white ghost sprinkles.

These were a huge hit both at home and at work. If you know what you’re doing you can make boxed recipes taste fantastic!

cream cheese cupcakes

Here we have a batch of, you guessed it, Chocolate Cream Cheese cupcakes. This time, no box. Straight up homemade.

I must confess, I’m not sure if I enjoy the taste of baking cocoa. Is it that I’ve had too many boxed cakes? I would much prefer find a way to match that chocolate flavor… Will need to do some research and experimenting.

I think I made these too dense. I frosted cream cheese cupcakesalso know I overcooked them. I forgot that there were semi-melted chocolate chips in the center that was causing the stick residue- which led to 4 unnecessary extra minutes in the oven. Oh well…

Not a huge fan of the frosting either. More of that baking cocoa taste. I’ll have to find a more creative way of describing it so you all don’t think I’ve lost my mind. Perhaps melted chocolate in these batters instead?

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