Homemade Cinnamon Rolls (the morning of): Yeast is a Beast

Why didn’t I read the recipe with more care? The fiancé has to be out of the house at 7, and here I am at 6:20am trying to proof the buns in what, 20 minutes? I didn’t realize they needed a whole hour on top of all the time the dough took to rise yesterday.

Ellie AMBecause of this I just took a few out of the batch to make this morning, I’ll get the rest right tomorrow/this week. I figure if I let them proof til 6:25am, it’s not ideal but it’s something. Then they’ll have 25 minutes to bake and there should be enough time bun in the ovento toss them in love’s mouth on his way out the door to work… not ideal.
Although I will say they have fluffed out a decent amount and feel light to touch. Preheating the oven with them in there and will then set the timer as soon as it’s up to 350 degrees.

Of course, we have Ellie Mae standing by, so all is truly well in the world irregardless.

Hope these are at least edible…

Final product

final bunsI regret not realizing I needed to proof the dough for an entire hour. I’d say it only got half way there, and you can definitely tell. There were small air bubbles in the cooked dough, which should have and would have been larger and therefore more airy. This batch was a bit too dense. They didn’t end up needing all 25 minutes to bake either and I figure that’s due to the ever-increasing proofing temperature I allowed. Assuming the dough can survive another night in the fridge, I’ll do these properly next time and hope the results are that much better. It will definitely a lot of fun learning how to do these and I can’t wait to get it 100% correct!

 Obviously Ellie had to inspect these before allowing me to eat them.ellie buns

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