Brownies are my weakness

cream cheese browniesThis last month I must have made at least 3 different kinds of brownie desserts. Most recently I made cream cheese brownies, which were incredibly easy to make and probably my favorite so far.chocolate fudge brownie bunt cake  I threw a few chocolate chips on top just, because.

A few weeks ago I made a Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bunt cake. Because I hadn’t started my ‘from scratch’ adventures yet, I used boxed brownie mix, added a box of chocolate pudding mix, and melted icing for the top.

Obviously with the holidays I had to bring something to work. All of my coworkers love chocolate so I went for something simple. Dark Chocolate Fudge brownies with dyed confectionary sugar frosting. Sometimes the frosting can be too much on a brownie but I made it relatively thin so upon hardening, the sugar wouldn’t overpower everything. They didn’t even last a day at the office.Iced Fudge Brownies

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