Homemade Cinnamon Rolls (Prep)

yeastI’ve never used active yeast before, so I had to put my reservations aside. The myths behind it are enough to deter even the most enthusiastic amateur baker, or so I’m told. “Don’t let the warm liquids get too hot! You’ll kill the yeast!” “If the liquids are too cold, you’ll kill it!” “Knead it before you let it rise!” “Don’t knead it too much, it’ll get tough!” Oh, the warnings are endless.

I’ll add this recipe shortly.

Somehow, I managed to keep the yeast alive and I watched it rise successfully over the course of 2 hours. Though the recipe called for 1.5 hours, I felt as though the first half hour or so the bowl was too cold. A little extra time by the wood stove and bam, twice the size I started with.

The next misstep was when I had to roll up and cut the actual buns. Let’s just say I was supposed to have 12, and ended up with 16. Whoops.

They’re in the fridge, and will be baked tomorrow morning. Updates to follow.

Raw Cinnamon Rolls

Update: Decided to make the Cream Cheese frosting tonightcream cheese frosting instead of in the morning.whip cream cheese frosting

For some reason I constantly have issues with the temperature of the cream cheese. I’ll have to figure out what ‘softened’ really means, as in every occasion so far it’s caused an issue early on in the process (CC brownies, CC cupcakes…etc).

In any case, this was a simple mixture of 8 oz. “softened” cream cheese, 4 tablespoons of “softened” butter, 2 cups of powdered sugar and 1/4 cup of heavy cream, though I used heavy whipping cream because I figured it could add lightness. Upon taste I decided it is deadly and will surely add to my already curvy hips… Wedding is in 602 days, I have plenty of time to work this off!

Will update one last time in the morning, when I’ve finished preparing these!

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